RE: from Dr. Laurie Roth

      Thanks, Donna

  From: Governor Sarah Palin sponsored)
  Sent: Friday, September 19, 2008 1:45 PM
  To: Morgan, Katryn L)
  Subject FW: from Dr. Laurie Roth

  Hi Kate,
  This is Donna Collins, I am the person that reads the Governor' s email. I am forwarding this email
  request to you, I am not sure if this is campaign related.
  Donna Collins

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 To: Governor Sarah Palin sponsored)
 Subject: from Dr. Laurie Roth

 Attn: Governor Sarah Palin.
 From: Dr. Laurie Roth
 national radio talk show host with IRN -USA Radio

 Greetings Governor,

 I host a fast growing, national radio talk show syndicated with IRN-USA Radio Network which airs each night
 from 7-10 pm pacific time. I live in Spokane Washington. I can only imagine the many requests for interviews
 you must get and the extreme importance for close to the chest media priorities.

 I would love to invite you on my show to interview you . I could record it, how ever long you wanted for airing on
 my evening show . I am quite a fan and am a Mom in her 40s who loves sports , guns and my husband also. I
 am building back my show the last 3 years from a near fatal motorcycle accident when a Deer jumped on me.
 That took me off air for 10 months . It made national news and was a miracle I didn 't die at the scene. tam
 thankful to God to be alive and building my life back. In fact , a national magazine, Newsmax, has a full page
 feature on my comeback for their November issue. You and Senator McCain haven 't quit when hard and
 painful things hit you up side the head , neither have I.

 Thank you SO very much for your courage, wonderful service to Alaska and hopefully our country . If you would
 like to do an interview that of course you could approve before released please contact me directly at my
 home: . You can find out more about me on my show web site :

 Finally, I write every week for and www .news I will forward you a
 few of my recent articles, including the link for the one posted just today.


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  http::/newswithviews com/Roth/lauriel32 htm

  My prayers and support belong to you and Senator McCain.

  Warmly, Laurie Roth
  host, owner

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