Our Indonesian exchange student-at the rally in ANC

      Dear Gov. Patin--

Just a brief note to let you know how proud we are of you and your quest to bring reform to
Washington, DC.

This year, were hosting a young woman from Indonesia as an exchange student. I asked her last night if
she would like to go see you at the rally this AM. She said " Sure"!

 So, we got up early and got a good spot for your rally this morning.

Again, were very proud of you and were confident that you're taking the "Alaska Spirit" with you on
the campaign trail:

If you have an opportunity, I hope you can send a note of encouragement to Sulis. Her full name
is Sulistianingsih Fitri .

Her email address is: 

She is a senior at Service H.S. in Anchorage and she's studying the American political system on a
scholarship from the U.S. State Department. I took her to the voting station with me for the primary on
Aug. 26.

Best, s

Scott McMurren
Alaska Travelgram
zoom agci.net


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