Sorry another question for you...FW: 360 North Special

from: Fagerstrom, Erika (GOV)
to: Todd Palin

  Cathie Roemmich, of the Juneau Chamber of Commerce, has been working on the KTOO media
  coverage of this event. She asked if she could speak with you directly to go over the filming and what all
  it entailed, etc... If you'd like to call her I'll have the contact information at the end of this email. If you'd
  rather not, then she doesn't have a problem running the information through me. She's very gracious, but
  just prefers to talk with you directly as she can best convey the information.

  If you call her- please let me know, then I can cross it off of my "to do" list.

  463-3844 work
  209-4874 cell

  Thank you!

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  Dear 50th Board,

  I have been asked to give all of you a run down of how things will work Saturday at the
  Tea as far as the filming of the event is concerned.

  The most important thing to remember is that this will be "Real TV" which is a new
  concept for KTOO but very popular in television today everywhere. This could turn out
  to be amazing footage if done properly by not only the film crew but everyone who will
  be there. There will not be reporters asking questions, so stimulating conversations are
  a must. You don't need to stop and look at the camera when they turn it towards you or
  put a microphone near you. Just continue your conversations as if they weren't there.
  There will be 2 cameras moving about the rooms and a person following each
  cameraman to keep the cables in tow. The entire TV crew will just be flies on the wall
  and treated as such. Try to come up with some great conversation starters to help if
  things get dull or slow.

  It will be very important that we let the other guests know all of this as well as they are
  coming in . Jane and I are picking up the ladies at the airport tomorrow and will be able
  to give them a rundown at that time . Erika can help at the door with us too . I will be
  calling Mr. Palin today as suggested by Jim at KTOO to go over things in a little more
  detail . I will also be giving Dennis Egan a call.

                                                                                                   ROSTON 02795

   I am so excited about all of this. All of you have done such a great job in organizing this!

  Ta lk to you soon. I'm off to chamber lunch.......


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  This is to let you know that the media portion of the 1st Wives Tea will be on 360 North,
  Sunday nite at 7PM, hope that you will beable to watch it. The other item, as you know the
  Tea is on Sat, the 2nd, we, the board are invited to visit with the 1st Wives prior to the Tea at
  2PM, Todd Palin has invited us to the Mansion at 1:40 I hope that you all are planning on
  attending this very important event, I would like to introduce each of you to the 1st wives &
  also thank Todd Palin for having this event during the 50th Statehood Celebration. If you
  didnt watch TV tonight, the NBC news did mention the event in Juneau, somehow we, the
  Capital City Celebrations didnt get mentioned, they did say that the Gov & family would be
  in attendence.

  Other business, the next Board Meeting is on Wed, the 6th of Aug. at 3PM in the Conf room
  of the Empire. We do know that Romer is probably still recouping & Kirby did plan to be
  here, understand that his father is now back in the hospital in CA, so that might change, hope
  that the balance of the board can make this meeting. Thanks for your time.      Kathy

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  Subject : 360 North Special

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  Special Event Broadcast This Sunday

  360 North is preparing for a three-hour special broadcast event this weekend from the governor's
  residence in Juneau. Find out more at:

  http://360north. blogspot. com/

  Tim Olson

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