Re: TA Anc/Fbks 8/4/2008

from: Fagerstrom, Erika (GOV)
to: Todd Palin
      Thanks Todd! Erika

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  That looks good,please add that I drove personal car to Anchorage airport, roundtrip about 125
  miles. I have another parking reciept from that trip that I paid using state cc.

  Also the other parking reciepts that I gave you, I also drove personal car to Anchorage.

  Fairbanks picnic 125 mile

  I think the other reciept was for the pipeline tour with Click,you can compare dates

  Thanks Todd

  From : "Fagerstrom, Erika (GOV)" 
  Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2008 16:52:45 -0800
  Subject : TA Anc/Fbks 8/4/2008


  For your Fairbanks 8/4 TA please let me know if this purpose is okay.

  Purpose: Governor and First Gentleman invited to greet President Bush and attend the President's
  speech to the troops at Eilson Air Force Base.



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