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      Okay- if I recall one of the FOIA requested info when a staffer was on a flight with you regardless of
the purpose. I will call this to Linda's attention in the a.m. before I talk with Kyle.

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Subject: TA mistakes

There is a Bailey and a Bitney TA on top of the pile that you'll see tomorrow that have no revelance
to my travels so pls exclude. There are others that have no signature on them (like Ivy's and others),
but I'm not worrying about them. There are some days with no explanation attached to the travel
purposes also. And, there are missing TAs from the beginning of the term when the girls traveled with
me, but I'm not going to worry about those either I guess.

   My understanding was to be included in the pile of TAs were trips involving the family, even the
trips we paid for ourselves when the girls (and Track for at least one trip) traveled on our own dime,
not the state's... but I don't see any of those in this pile either.

  Submit them to ADN according to their deadline, but there needs to be further explanation on all
this so they understand that there were additional travels we took as First Family that we paid for

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