Re: What is Happening??

from: Gov. Sarah Palin
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cc: Frank Bailey, Russell T Kelly (GOV), Talis, Talis Colberg [], Todd Palin
      What a dumbass he is. His lies are ridiculous.

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Subject: FW: What is Happening??

FYI, from Halcro's website at the bottom of this email. Just wanted to give you a heads-
p in case it is brought up today; didn't want anyone to get blindsided since Tina learned
of this from Senator Green's office. Sharon is aware and between her and Tina, we'll take
care of it.

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 Subject: RE: What is Happening??


This is really getting out - of-hand .  Something needs to be done to call him on this. He
should not be allowed to defame people with outright lies .    If it's not corrected, then
people that read it will not know otherwise .    I'm copying Sharon Leighow in on this.
Sharon , bet he didn ' t call you to verify information like you asked him too.

And, as Kristan already answered the CC legal counsel is still working for the

As usual his facts are all wrong .       He got your name right and that was about it.


From : Otto, Christina L (LAW)

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 Subject : What is Happening??

I was quietly plugging away on trying to finish my outline regarding the dissolution
process when Ginger from Senator Green ' s office called and told me to take a look at
Halcro ' s Blog . This is what it says:

FLASH : Assistant Attorney General quits due to activity at Mat Maid

We received the following two emails less than thirty minutes apart this morning regarding
a breaking situation with Governor Palin ' s Creamery Board.

Received at 10:43am

Just an FYI on the Mat Maid situation. Tina Otto, Assistant Attorney General who has been
handling all the new Creamery Board affairs is resigning. She had been trying to keep the

 5 Palin hand picked board members "coloring inside the lines" but is quitting because this
 bunch is running wild and doing things illegally. She does not want to get trapped by
 their wrongdoings after she has warned them that what they are doing is illegal. How many
 people fired or quitting will it take for this administration to realize her board is full
 of conflict of interest and law breaking? Is there no oversight at all?

 I think I still have a job. J Beyond that, I, of course, don't represent the Creamery
 Board.  Did the CC board make a decision to find new counsel? I can't even imagine what
 prompted this.