Willow's conf. code: FXKLAJ & Questions

from: Fagerstrom, Erika (GOV)
to: Todd Palin
cc: Janice L Mason

Willow's confirmation code : FXKLAJ (seat 8c.)

A couple of Questions:

I just assumed you wanted the talking points for the reception only and not the lunch , but wanted to
double check.

Would you like wine served at the 1st Ladies lunch, it's appropriate either way? Do you want beer
served at the reception, it's more the norm not to, but either way is great? We would have punch and
wine. Did you leave a jacket here, if not they sent us someone else's jacket from the cleaners?
Would you like to take your formal picture, since you'll be in town?



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I'll need some short talking points about each former first lady for introduction, what they worked on
and such.

Please book the following flights

Fri #74. Anc - JNU

Mon # 77. Jnu-Anc

Thanks Todd

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