Court Orders being violated - These are crimes in the State of Alaska that are not investigated nor


To Whom It May Concern:

These are some more court orders being violated.
I also have pictures and video of the damage and items.
Yet the Trooper's will not open an investigation nor provide me with any information I've

These are crimes in the State of Alaska that are not investigated nor enforced.
The people involved:
Kathleen R. Johnson -
aka Ranell C. Cox
aka Kathy Cox
aka Ranell Bagge
aka Ranell C. Johnson
 Our investigation shows her legal name as Ranell C. Johnson. We have Washington State
Court documents showing this was the only name change. Her social security number has also
been changed.
and Edward Lee Cheeks.

Regards, Keith Moyer

. Emailed On 9/9/2008
Trooper Carlson, .

RE: Reported violation of court order 8/30/2008 4:30pm - 38365 Evergreen Dr Sterling

Thank you, coming out to look at my Sterling home on 8/30/2008 4:30pm.
The reason for this email is to provide it to the courts to show I did indeed attempt to file a report of violating a
court order.

I've have attached the court orders that Kathleen Johnson has violated. Would you please reviews these orders
and confirm that you are not willing to investigate and or make an arrest in this matter . The damaged items are
valued at around $ 20,000 not including the items in the house.

I would also so like copies of the log notes and pictures of the items you took.

The reason I'm asking you, is the records department, Trooper Shanigan and Guymon are not responding to my
past requests for Trooper reports.
Ms Holt and here son are directly involved in the false charges against me.


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 I would hope that you would take the time to do the right time . Thank You!

 Regards, Keith

 Keith Moyer
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