Exxon Mobile

         Rex Tillerson CEO of Exxon Mobile would like a meeting with you and would like to see if there is an opportunity
         for you two to meet while you are in Dallas on Oct 3? If you have an opportunity to call during your busy day I
         would like to get Joe Balash on the phone to discuss and fill in the blanks for you.



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            From :     Lloyd, Denby S (DFG) [/O=SOA/OU=FIRST ADMINISTRATIVE
            Sent:      Thursday, September 18,2008 1:43 PM
            To:        Palin; Sarah sponsored)
            Cc:        Nizich; Michael A); Crome; Cora J); Leighow; Sharon W)
            Subject: Kind Acknowledgment in an Otherwise Boring Fishery Science Article


          In the Los Angeles Times science section is an article on fishing quotas . The story itself Is somewhat old news,
          but the conclusion to the article is amusing (see link and excerpt below regarding your apparent work experience
          at the Alyeska Seafood processing plant in Dutch Harbor a few years ago).

          http//www latimescorn/news/science/la-na-fish19-2008sep19 0.5053095 std

         Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, now the Republican Party's vice presidential nominee, worked in Alyeska's
         plant for three weeks in 1987 at the end of her collegiate years.

         "I'm honored to confirm that the governor once worked at this plant," Wilt said. "She was only here
         three weeks. She knows hard work and she's eligible for rehire if her current prospects don't work out."

         Take care, DL.
         Denby S. Lloyd
         Alaska Department of Fish and Game