Fw: Status of Gas Price Investigation

      Dear governor palin. Attached is the most current information on the gas situation. Tails

From: Andersen, Signe P (LAW)
To: Colberg, Talis 3 (LAW)
Cc: Korting, Nancy A (LAW)
Sent: Mon Sep 1511 :36:23 2008
Subject: Status of Gas Price Investigation


With respect to the investigation, we are still in the information gathering stage. As you know, we have retained
as an expert Barry Pulliam of EconOne (sp?), who currently is in the process of reviewing all public information
regarding gas pricing and 60 boxes of information from the prior price fixing investigation. We have also sent
information requests to Tesoro, Chevron, and Flint Hills. After Ed returns from leave, there is a plan to meet with
the companies to talk about the information requested and to get an informal assessment from the companies
about what is affecting the price of gas. Barry Pulliam will be coming to Alaska on September 30 to meet with Ed
and the companies. And as you may also know, Ed was in Fairbanks on Wednesday of last week to appear at
the House Judiciary meeting that was convened to talk about gas pricing. Let me know if you need any more
information. I also put a call into Ed in case he has more to add.

Signe Andersen
Chief Assistant Attorney General
Commercial and Fair Business Section