RE: Governor's Press Release

      I spoke with Mike N. several times in last week to let him know I'm going to be getting
briefings or having meetings on some of the big picture items. For example, on the budget,
I'm going to see where we are on the large spending drivers (labor contracts, Medicaid,
education, etc.). I just want to see what kind of increases the departments are planning
in these areas for FY 10, and will let you know as I find out this stuff.

Also, Begich and Comeau apparently sent a letter today to you regarding emigration from
the Bush to Alaska's urban centers. It's on the ADN website. You should look atit if you
haven't seen it. Privileged or Personal Material Redacted
Privileged or Person

                  inking out loud here. ..if you have other ideas, please let me know.
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That's great.. I'm getting press. releases so will look forward to that, thanks. How's
everything else?