RE: Legal and lawsuits

      Dear Mr. Shepherd,

 I believe you or someone from your organization has already spoken with Andy Mills in the
 Governor ' s Juneau Office . After consulting with him, I found that he had already replied
 in the negative to your organization , as the permission form contained clauses that we
 cannot comply with.

 Also, any request that is any way campaign or partisan-related must be directed to the
 appropriate campaign, per Alaska State Ethics Law.

 Thank you,

 Kate Morgan

 Communications Director

 Office of Governor Sarah Palin


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 I'm contacting you as an editor of the English Wikipedia and do not represent the
 Wikiemdia Foundation or any of its members. Our current article on Mrs. Palin
 (http:// en.wikipedia . org/wiki / Sarah Palin ) is in need of a free-use image of high quality
 and integrity .  We have an abundance of images of Mrs. Palin , but believe that an image
 from the State of Alaska would be of better quality than any image one of our editors
 could provide .  Due to our non-free content policy we are forced to use freely licensed
 images when they are available over copyrighted ones. Would it be possible for the State
 of Alaska to provide a freely licensed image of Mrs . Palin for use in our article?

 Yours faithfully,

 Stephen Shepherd